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Christmas Cakes To Chennai

2.5 kg heart shape doll cakeChristmas is the festival of joy and merrymaking. With Santa Clause shedding loads of gifts and love the season’s best time calls for welcoming Jesus with savory cake that will add the whole lot of zeal to this festive season. The celebrations call for sending gifts to friends and relatives and if you are looking for confectionery products then Christmas cakes delivery in Chennai with us has a range of delectable bakery products including plum cakes that the kids will love to eat.

One of the most all time favorites of our customers have been the plum cakes which have raised demands every year. We are a bit experimental and keep adding some good quality made Plum cakes in Chennai that has always been appreciated. Those who avoid plum cakes for eggs can also find these varieties in Eggless versions which are also soft and tasty. Those who are fond of chocolate cake varieties we are proud to introduce our selection ranges with liquid chocolate sauce fillings which along with the cakes will simply melt in your mouth.

1/2 kg black  forest with single roseWe always try to add the festive touch and a note of creativity to the Christmas cakes to specifically relate it to the occasion. Apart from the mixed fruit and dry fruit garnishing you can have candies, doll cakes, star decorations on the cakes. For those who are fond of photo cakes, can order any of the Christmas theme images on the cake. The Christmas cakes delivery in Chennai is also available at the midnight if you are planning to throw a party at the night.

We prepare varieties of cakes for Christmas parties and for the gifting purpose. Those who are based in Chennai can surely visit our outlet in the city and those who stay at distant places and have relatives in the city can order cakes and bakery products from us. We sell outstanding confectionery items with the facilities for free home delivery within the city.

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